How to brand your business in 2019

Business branding – Is 2019 set to be your business’s year to transform into a beautiful butterfly, emerging from its wintery cocoon? Are you just getting started and need something to stand out from your competitors? To make an impact, it’s vital you make sure you’ve nailed your imagery and re-brand your business in 2019, so trash those boring product shots and sterile head shots – it’s time for a branding revamp! You might already have professional photos taken for your business, be they product shots, personal branding photography or images of your team. You might think that because you have them in the bag, you don’t need anymore, but there are three good reasons why you should refresh your branding shots at least every year. Calamitea Jane Tea Parties brand shoot – Images copyright of The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography Evolution As a small business, there’s a good chance (especially in the first year or two) that your business will go through a lot of changes. Branding gets updated, products are added to the line or ditched altogether and teams can expand over time.  Having a website showing old, non-existent products or team members who no longer work for you […]

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Calamitea Jane’s branding shoot

Photos are so so important to any business, no matter what you offer. If you don’t have some great photos to show off what you do, then you’re going to struggle more than your competitors. And that’s where I come in!  When Karen, who runs Calamitea Jane’s Vintage Tea Parties & Events with her mum, Christine, told me she wanted to plan a branding shoot, I was all over it.  I’ve known Karen for a while – she runs multiple businesses and is always interested in doing things differently – just like me! For this shoot, Karen wanted to show that you can embrace the vintage charm of Calamitea Jane’s without making your entire event vintage themed. Whenever you hire Calamitea Jane’s to cater your wedding or event, you get their incredible vintage crockery as part of the package. And this doesn’t HAVE to be surrounded by floral table cloths and pretty doilies to make a statement – you can make Cream Tea work in almost any setting. And thank god for that, because -if we’re being honest- who doesn’t want Cream Tea at every event they go to?! Karen enlisted the help of Rock the Day Styling‘s Laura, to create this shoot, which took place in […]

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You want to do what? Outside? family photoshoot in Essex
28th October 2018 by maryann in Family photography 0 Comments

When someone books me for a family photoshoot in Essex, it can mean one of two things, a gorgeous outdoor photo session, or a beautiful posed studio session. Both have their pros and cons, but there is a special place in my heart for outdoor photography.  All too often I have people telling me how uncomfortable they are having their photos taken,  how their children won’t stand still for five minutes, or even won’t comply with the idea at all – and that’s absolutely normal, as a mum of five, I still can’t get my children to stand still in a studio and smile naturally for the camera! But that’s where a more organic approach to photography comes into its own, I don’t ask you to stand still, smile, pose or anything else that doesn’t come naturally. My outdoor sessions are just an hour or two of you being you, doing your thing and letting your children play while I goof around with a camera. Yes, the children will play with sticks, get a little dirty, find a few bugs and run a bit wild, but that’s exactly what I love to capture – the beauty of childhood!  The same goes for grown-ups too, […]

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One Size Fits All!… #GOKFASHION

On Friday, little did I know, that would be the start of a whirlwind weekend. I received a call from Gok Wan’s offices to come on board the Essex stint of his personal mission, to empower women throughout the UK, One Size Fits All. Sharing his secrets to style and body confidence, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to capture and celebrate our bodies’ diverse beauty in all their shapes and sizes! Photographing so many beautiful women all in one place. Many fabulous brands were represented on the day, including some of my favourites like Fabrikk, whose cruelty-free, eco-friendly cork accessories were simply beautiful, yet quirky. Meanwhile, Glitters, who were the first in the UK to print on glitter boards…just wow…who doesn’t want a bit of sparkle in their lives? …were flaunting their amazing printed glitter boards for this event with the hashtag #GOKFASHION   Alongside Glitters, Elf Occasions attended showcasing all their beautiful products, styling and transforming the amazing venue that is Three Rivers Golf and Country Club, Cold Norton into a stunning fashion extravaganza. I am incredibly excited to be involved with Elf Occasions again as photographer, for their brand photo shoot later this month, so can’t […]

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Danielle and Steve’s pre-wedding photoshoot
1st August 2018 by maryann in Couples 0 Comments

Danielle wanted a pre-wedding pre-wedding with her partner Steve and their cute little pug Pixie, Pixie can’t make their elopement wedding in Tenerife so they wanted to include her beforehand.  Danielle and Steve are just the most lovely couple, they were a delight to work with, I enjoy my job every day, but sometimes, when you just click with a couple (and their dog) it makes things so so much easier and the photos reflect that.  Little Pixie was more than happy to play ball, quite literally. Posing almost on command. Whats the saying? Don’t work with kids or animals? Not true AT ALL!  Walton on the Naze on the lovely Essex coast was the perfect backdrop – I’d not been there in years but now its certainly on my list of favourite locations to photograph.  There’s so many cute little spots, where Danielle and Steve were more than happy to pose, making it feel natural and clearly just radiating the love for each other.  Now for the best part? After seeing the photos from the evening, they asked me to photograph their wedding in Tenerife! To say I’m a little excited would be an understatement, its a privilidge to […]

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Dreaming of Teepees

I absolutely love helping other business to realise their dreams with some gorgeous business branding photography and this shoot was no exception. Teepee dreams specialises in creating beautiful children’s sleepover parties. When the lovely Katie from Teepee Dreams asked me to do the photography for her branding I was so excited!  Being a mum of 5 children, the thought of a children’s sleepover fills me with absolute dread! So to find there are now people that want to help with this? AMAZING! If only there were companies like Teepee Dreams around when my kids were younger I’d definitely have jumped at the chance of someone else to do some of the hard work. I love how Katie has created so many different themes so parents can really create their child’s dream sleepover!   Boys can be so hard to cater for. But Katie manages to put together some really lovely themes that are a lot less girly. I won’t stereotype and say they are boys themes – my youngest daughter would love them too!  But if we are going for super girly then this unicorn theme has to be the winner, how cute is that?  The inspiration? Katie was inspired […]

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Good old fashioned liquor

The White Mule Company is a seriously cool mobile bar, specialising in the good stuff – old fashioned liquor. The White Mule Company cater weddings and events in their impeccably converted horse trailer, supplying speak easy style and delicious cocktails wherever they go! I absolutely LOVE the art deco feel of the trailer, so we went for a real twenties feel and Heather, who owns The White Mule Co with her husband, Adam, had the most speakeasy flapper dress that worked perfectly! A shoot at golden hour seemed like the only option for such a beautiful bar and such a beautiful pair. The evening light brought the perfect atmosphere to the images. And we even got some photos of their daughter, Isla, while we were at it – what a cutie! I had a great time working with this wonderful family. It’s always so inspiring to spend time with independent business owners – especially those working on a start-up business. The pride The White Mule Company take in their work is evident from the trailer’s incredible attention to detail, their passion for cocktails and hopefully from these beautiful images! For bookings, visit The White Mule Company’s website.

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Get your tatts out?
19th April 2018 by maryann in Weddings 0 Comments

Something brides often talk to me about is their tattoos. Many of us have them now days – some of us are proud of our body art and some of us are embarrassed by the dodgy Chinese proverb we got that time in Malaga. But even brides who are proud of their tattoos can be keen to cover them up – many couples want their wedding to be timeless; they don’t want to look back at photos and say “what were we thinking?!” My point of view is this: If you’re proud of your tatts, get them out. (Please note, I’m thinking of arms, backs, that kind of thing – I’m not suggesting you wear chaps to the altar to make sure everyone can see your favourite bum tattoo!) There’s always a chance that in a few decades you won’t agree with some of your style choices, but so what? You might fall out of love with your back tattoo, but you also might go off your dress, your flowers, your partner! (Just kidding!) It’s all part of the day and if you love it on the day, I will capture it for you. Because that’s the whole point of photography – to capture the moment, as it […]

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Birth Photography Essex
25th September 2017 by maryann in Essex newborn photography 0 Comments

The beauty of birth photography lies in the event itself. The passion, pain and anticipation etched on the expectant mother’s face. Those tender and supportive touches the father gives; and, the crowning glory and priceless victory of finally seeing the child for the first time. Saying that birth pictures are beautiful is an understatement.  I understand the sentiments of expecting parents of someone taking pictures during these very private moments of their child’s birth; the fears of intrusion into an intimate space. I’ve experienced childbirth and motherhood five times over. Every day I still marvel at those moments as each birth is different from another. And if I had the chance I would have captured and encapsulated those moments with a camera. Now that I am a full-fledged professional photographer, taking on the task of capturing these moments is as memorable for me as that of the parents. Birth photography is just as personal to me as to the parents. And because the event always comes unexpectedly, I am “on call” and will be right there as needed. Birth photography is not financial gain for a photographer but rather a calling in keeping memories alive. It is the love for […]

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