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What am I all about?

It's so important that you choose the right photographer, whether its to record your wedding day, to capture some special family moments, or to create some images to represent your online business, you need a photographer you "click" with. So although it feels a little self indulgent, heres a little about me, what I do and how I got here. Along with a couple of photos, just so you know who you're going to meet - after all, we don't want to end up sitting at opposite ends of the same coffee shop wondering when the other will arrive!


Based out of Colchester, Essex, I love the beauty of my local area and although I have my own studio, I do prefer to work on location...especially in the great outdoors, the studio is located just off the A12, surrounded by fields, trees and my ever growing chicken collection. I also work throughout the rest of the UK and I am only too happy to welcome worldwide enquiries. My favourite (and the most beautiful) places in the world are Cornwall and Amsterdam, give me the excuse to visit one of those places on a work trip and I am there!

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I’m a fan of the great outdoors; whether it be shooting in a meadow or by a lake, I love to be outside. Throw me a wedding in the mountains and I’m your girl, and anywhere abroad! I love to shoot alternative couples; brides covered in tattoos wearing intricate lace dresses and grooms with beards and dapper, tweed suits. Fresh, fragrant bouquets filled with unusual blooms and uniquely styled weddings which show off the couples vibe. Give me whimsy. Give me bold. Give me emotion. But it doesn't stop there...I also love to shoot births. Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful experience, but a moment you soon forget. As quietly and as inconspicuous as possible, I can help document that long awaited moment.

The journey

I’m not just a gal who picked up a camera one day; I trained and honed my skill and aesthetic over a number of years. I have a BA Hons degree in Photography from the University of Essex, a Masters Degree in photography from Falmouth University and I gained a ARPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society, but photography is not just my professional calling, it is most certainly my passion. If you want to meet me for a consultation, then I’m totally game. In fact, I completely encourage it. I love to get to know my clients, in order to understand what they are all about. And equally, I think it is super important for them to understand and feel comfortable with me. I offer a variety of post-shoot products, including prints, canvasses, albums... whatever you'd like, I am absolutely sure I can make it happen. My shoot hitlist… 1. A wedding nestled in the mountains 2. Beachside nuptials...somewhere warm, somewhere cold... 3. An industrial themed wedding in a cool, urban venue 4. Something super non-traditional...I’m thinking a black dress 5. Overseas...I’m always up for a spot of travel Whatever your idea may be, especially if it's something barking mad or completely unusual, count me in!

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