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Wedding documentary photography paints an entirely different picture of your big day compared to the conventional, set-up wedding photography shots. Where one offers carefully chosen backgrounds and posed subjects, the other allows the photographer freedom to move around the wedding, capturing moments rather than set pieces. I’m more than happy to do one, the other or a nice mix of both, however some people ask what the difference is so heres a rundown of the advantages of the less posed stuff – The freedom that a photographer enjoys with is reflected in the images they they’re able to capture, too. Your wedding album will become a flowing storyboard of your day, rather than a series of snapshots, each recalling a separate memory. You’ll end up with photographs of people looking their best, looking natural. There’s no forced posing or potential for awkwardness. Any attendees who are shy or anxious will be able to relax without the worry of having to pose for photographs, and the record of your wedding will be far brighter for having them in it. With documentary wedding photography, your photographer will be free to roam, to see things that they otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, capturing the […]

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Say I love you with a Valentine’s engagement photoshoot
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Why not say I love you with a Valentine’s engagement photoshoot?  Heres my reasoning and some ideas that might work for you. The perfect gift Whether recently engaged, or you are planning to pop the question on February 14th, a Valentine’s engagement photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate your love for each other.  Engagement photoshoots are very popular. They’re a great way to practice for the wedding with your photographer, spend quality time together ahead of the madness of the nuptials, as well as create stunning photos before you end one chapter of your relationship, and start another.   But, how do you ensure it’s fun and personal? Here are our top tips for Valentine’s engagement photoshoots. Location, Location, Location Think of places that mean something to you as a couple – was your first date a picnic by the river? Why not go back? Fell in love watching a band at your local? Start the photoshoot there. Essex and is full of beautiful locations, but if you want to go further afieild, thats fine too! Think about local areas that have an interesting backdrop. At this time of year, spring is peaking through, with winter still laying its head. Choose venues in the country with some stunning views.  Or […]

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