How to brand your business in 2019

Business branding – Is 2019 set to be your business’s year to transform into a beautiful butterfly, emerging from its wintery cocoon? Are you just getting started and need something to stand out from your competitors? To make an impact, it’s vital you make sure you’ve nailed your imagery and re-brand your business in 2019, so trash those boring product shots and sterile head shots – it’s time for a branding revamp! You might already have professional photos taken for your business, be they product shots, personal branding photography or images of your team. You might think that because you have them in the bag, you don’t need anymore, but there are three good reasons why you should refresh your branding shots at least every year. Calamitea Jane Tea Parties brand shoot – Images copyright of The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography Evolution As a small business, there’s a good chance (especially in the first year or two) that your business will go through a lot of changes. Branding gets updated, products are added to the line or ditched altogether and teams can expand over time.  Having a website showing old, non-existent products or team members who no longer work for you […]

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Winter love
22nd January 2019 by maryann in Couples 0 Comments

There is a huge amount of potential for taking some seriously adorable shots even when the sun isn’t shining. We thought we’d take a look at five pre-wedding photoshoot themes that are perfect for winter

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Calamitea Jane’s branding shoot

Photos are so so important to any business, no matter what you offer. If you don’t have some great photos to show off what you do, then you’re going to struggle more than your competitors. And that’s where I come in!  When Karen, who runs Calamitea Jane’s Vintage Tea Parties & Events with her mum, Christine, told me she wanted to plan a branding shoot, I was all over it.  I’ve known Karen for a while – she runs multiple businesses and is always interested in doing things differently – just like me! For this shoot, Karen wanted to show that you can embrace the vintage charm of Calamitea Jane’s without making your entire event vintage themed. Whenever you hire Calamitea Jane’s to cater your wedding or event, you get their incredible vintage crockery as part of the package. And this doesn’t HAVE to be surrounded by floral table cloths and pretty doilies to make a statement – you can make Cream Tea work in almost any setting. And thank god for that, because -if we’re being honest- who doesn’t want Cream Tea at every event they go to?! Karen enlisted the help of Rock the Day Styling‘s Laura, to create this shoot, which took place in […]

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