Birth Photography Essex
25th September 2017 by maryann in Essex newborn photography 0 Comments

The beauty of birth photography lies in the event itself. The passion, pain and anticipation etched on the expectant mother’s face. Those tender and supportive touches the father gives; and, the crowning glory and priceless victory of finally seeing the child for the first time. Saying that birth pictures are beautiful is an understatement.  I understand the sentiments of expecting parents of someone taking pictures during these very private moments of their child’s birth; the fears of intrusion into an intimate space. I’ve experienced childbirth and motherhood five times over. Every day I still marvel at those moments as each birth is different from another. And if I had the chance I would have captured and encapsulated those moments with a camera. Now that I am a full-fledged professional photographer, taking on the task of capturing these moments is as memorable for me as that of the parents. Birth photography is just as personal to me as to the parents. And because the event always comes unexpectedly, I am “on call” and will be right there as needed. Birth photography is not financial gain for a photographer but rather a calling in keeping memories alive. It is the love for […]

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Ceri and Craig. Colchester, Essex.
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I recently had the privilege of not only meeting these two (pretty amazing) human beings, but also being their photographer and sharing their special day.  Ceri and Craig married at the beautiful Five Lakes Venue near Colchester, Essex and had an unusual outline for the day – they had their meal before the Ceremony meaning we were able to capture the merriment that normally post-dates the ceremony, but in their case carried on throughout the entire day.  For me, some of the most touching moments, well besides that of two lives joined, was of the children and their great-grandparents. There was more than one touching moment that brought a tear to my eye.  They also allowed me to bring along my film camera to capture some analogue images, which for me is special, the images I feel were the most beautiful of the entire day, it means a lot to me to be able to give the couples I photograph something that I have created by hand, the entire process from start to finish is a product of my making, reflecting the love between the people before me.  Ceri and Craig – Thank you so much for allowing me to be your […]

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Teepee Bride
4th September 2017 by maryann in Weddings 0 Comments

It isn’t everyday I get to meet a soon-to-be-married couple that doesn’t mind defying wedding day traditions and norms. While most engaged couples opt for a traditional church ceremony and hall or ballroom reception, some are determined to mix things up by highlighting natural beauty and their love for the wilderness in the setting of their big day. After all, who says you need four walls and a dance floor to have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams? Inspired by a not so conventional bride and set up in an open field surrounded by tall trees, this outdoor wedding photoshoot showcases a naturalistic atmosphere and a laid-back, laissez faire appeal. Offering a mix of rich colors, fresh foliage and rustic undertones, the woodsy landscape used during the photography shoot makes the perfect venue for a free-spirited gypsy, a peace-loving hippie or Bohemian beauty to tie the knot with her Prince Charming. The outside setting is also easily replicated, which means you can have this type of field wedding anywhere and everywhere (with proper permission, of course). And though the countryside backdrop steals the show in this outdoor wedding photo session, I really wanted to also bring attention to the […]

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